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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Since its inception in 2001, Cravia has steadily grown to become synonymous with good taste and world-class hospitality in the UAE.In over a decade of achievement, Cravia has managed to serve millions of customers with its much-loved franchises Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Carvel in UAE and Zaatar w Zeit in UAE and KSA. The company has also recently added the number one burger brand in America, Five Guys to its ever expanding portfolio, securing the U.S. chain’s franchise rights for the KSA, Bahrain and Qatar markets. All this has been made possible through the vision of Cravia’s leading man, Walid Hajj who has utilised his experience and vision to transform the company into one of the fastest growing F&B organisations in the region. This was accomplished with the help of a carefully selected team of individuals who continue to infuse passion into every aspect of the business.
Cravia is a highly organized company. Our structure includes: Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing & Public Relations, Information & Technology, Operations, and Maintenance & Warehouse. We have offices in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, and Bahrain and all of departments are energetic and interact with each other as a single well-knit unit.

As all of our brands are already established names in their own countries, once they arrive in the UAE, KSA, Bahrain and Qatar with Cravia, they already have a huge, ready and waiting base of customers looking forward to that little taste of home.
As soon as people enter our stores, the first thing that hits them is the positive and friendly atmosphere – full of young energetic people and friendly service. Our waiters are always smiling and are knowledgeable about all the menu items.
We treat our customers as our regular guests. We’re always thinking about them and creating special promotions and games for their enjoyment. We react very fast to complaints and anticipate our guest’s needs.
In the end, the overall atmosphere and warmth of our outlets combined with high quality food and unique service ensures we are a constant favorite among our guests.

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Where We Operate

Cravia operates in UAE and KSA through 90+ dine-in and cloud kitchen restaurants and delivery kitchens.

Cravia’s portfolio includes some of the world’s most successful franchises including: Five Guys, Zaatar w Zeit, and Cinnabon.

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